About Us

Facilitator of Environmental Stewardship


A Company about Profit with Principles… about Integrity…
demanding Higher Standards… Searching, Screening,
and Providing Healthier and Safer Alternatives…

Helping business to be more environmentally responsible
through consulting with all types of business
and by opening friendly, responsible,
reliable, easy and cost effective channels
to environmental solutions.

Developing a looping support network of Responsible,
Ethical Companies in order to create a world where
capitalism is more in harmony with nature, and where
success is defined by more than greed.

Thank-you to everyone who is a part of it,
and welcome to those who would like to join.

Be the Change

Green Shift™ is a vehicle for change. Our goal is to weed through the Green Washers to ensure that we are genuinely shifting consumers towards more environmentally friendly and sustainable products and services.

It pays to be green

Green Supply House™ makes it easy and cost effective for companies and institutions to be green by shifting the power of the almighty dollar into the hands of companies who are more deserving and trustworthy.

Green Shift Company

A unique marriage of consulting, product analysis, brokering, and distribution. A path to a greener world.  Become part of a growing voice that will speak for years to come to bring about real change.

Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR looks at the big picture and is willing to step up to the challenge of operating in a manner that does not create and ignore the side effects of their prosperity, wealth and power.

Our Partners

Green Supply House considers the entire lifecycle of products and services in it’s purchasing decisions in the most environmentally sensitive manner. This includes careful consideration and balancing of the source of raw materials, the manufacturing process (including waste generation, by-products, water and energy usage and the ethics of the companies that are benefiting from the business), the required transportation, the methods of storage, handling and use of the finished product, and what becomes of the product after it has fulfilled its purpose.